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Magnetic Flowmers applied to Municipal/City planning
High Intelligentized
Multi-electrode Structure
Serial Communication

Magnetice Flowmeters used in Municipal / City planning can be widely used to measure the volumetric flow rate of the conductive fluid and slurry in the enclosed pipe such as water, sewage, kinds of acid & salt liquor, slurry, ore slurry, pulp and so on.


Technical Features:

     Not affected by the change of the fluid condition such as density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity, and the signal output of inductive voltage is linear to average velocity, therefore it has a high accuracy of measurement.

     No obstacle parts in the meter tube so that no extra pressure loss; no movable parts, so meter has long service life.

     Short straight pipe required, only 5D for upstream and 3D for downstream due to inductive voltage signal which is the average value in the cross-section of the pipe.

      Only liner and electrode contact to the fluids, choose proper material of liner and electrode to prevent it from corrosion to ensure meter long operation life.

      MCU and SMT technology used in converter to make it has high performance, high accuracy, low power consumption, stable zero point, easy parameter setting, dot-matrix display for total and instantaneous flowrate, velocity and percentage of flowrate.

   Two-direction measurement for forward and reverse.  

   Technical Specifications:

   Size: DN 15 ~ DN 3200

   Medium: Conductive liquid, slurry

   Medium Temperature: 160oC

   Conductivity: 5 S/cm

   Accuracy: 0.3%, 0.5%

   Repeatability: 0.1%, 0.15%, 0.25%

   Rated Pressure: 0.25, 0.6, 1.0, 1.6, 4.0MPa (or specified by customer)

   Display: Instantaneous flowrate, total flow, velocity, flowrate percentage with back light

   Signal Output: Analog 4 ~ 20mA, isolated, load resistor 750;           Pulse frequency 0 ~ 1kHz, OCT, external power35V DC, 250mA/max

   Power Supply: Single-phase 85 ~ 265V AC, 45 ~ 63Hz, power20W; 24V DC, 10VA

   Converter Type: Compact, remote

   Protection Grade: IP65/ IP67/ IP68

   Explosion Proof: Exd  II BT4/ Exib II CT4

   Velocity: 0.3 ~ 12m/s( 0.1 ~ 15m/s as required)

   Liner: Chloroprene Gum (DN25 ~ DN3400)/ Polyurethane(DN25 ~ DN500)/ F4   ( DN25 ~ DN1200)/ F46(FEP)(DN25~DN200) /F40(DN25 ~ DN2800) /PO(DN50 ~ DN2800)/ PPS( DN50 ~ DN2800)

   Flowing Direction: Forward, Reverse

   Electrode Material: 316L, Pt, Ta, Ti, HB, HC

   Electrode Type: Standard, blade, removable

   Electrode Number: 2 ~ 6 pcs

   Flange Material: SS/ CS

   Alarm (N. O.): Empty, excitation, high/ low flowrate limit

   Ambient: Temperature: -25 ~ +60oC, Humidity: 5 ~ 90%

   Communication: RS-485/ Hart/ Profibus-DP

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