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ultrasonic sludge concentration meter
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Ultrasonic concentration meter(analyzing instrument, ultrasonic products)

Ultrasonic concentration meter(analyzing instrument, ultrasonic products)


Ultrasonic online concentration detector is the most advanced measurement model and the latest concept of combining high-quality, low-cost liquid physical detection apparatus, which uses ultrasonic insoluble in the liquid state is the spread of the solution temperature, pressure, liquid medium mixing unit number, cell concentration or over heavy changes to the changes in the characteristics of the module solution fitted by computer-related physical quantities, and the corresponding finite element can be used repeatedly to describe the equation. Therefore, the full-insoluble cell hybrid solution, the concentration never unlike traditional instrument, a solution could only be used for measuring the concentration and concentration XZY-HU ultrasonic instrument through on the target as long as the capacity of single-fitting computer calibration solution can be used to treat sewage, pulp, coal-water slurry, chemical, paper pulp , and other units to monitor the concentration of the liquid, greatly broadened single instrument applications, saving a huge amount of capital investment

Technical Specification
Target Media: Module solution or paste (different models should be selected based on media)
The concentration range: 0~15% (bigger range can be customized)...
Display resolution: d = 1%, 0.1%
Display: built-in 4-digit 8-segmeng 0.36 inches LED

Data output: 4~20 mA (for 0~F.S)
Keyboard: 4-touch-keys (built-in).
Working temperature: Process temperature calibration point.
Work Humidity: 90%RH non-condensation;
Detection methods: longitudinal ultrasonic wave sensor immersion liquids
Voltage: DC12V/300mA 10%..


Online concentration ultrasonic instrument can be widely used in the field of wine (wine, liquor, medicinal liquor, beer production), the paper industry, mining industry, chemical industry, oil exploration, oil refineries, edible oil processing, sugar industry, food formula, water, dairy products , the beverage industry, environmental engineering, smelting, pharmaceutical plants, cosmetics manufacturing, and other production process of detection and control.....

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